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When: 2017-11-30 09:00,2017-12-01 17:00

Where: Södertörn University

Organiser: The Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University

Event language: English

Research linked to the Baltic region and Eastern Europe:Ja

Competing futures: From rupture to re-articulation

CBEES Annual Conference 2017

2017-11-30 09:00,2017-12-01 17:00
CBEES invites you to participate in its 2017 annual conference on the theme of “rupture and rearticulation”, exploring how contemporary experiences of crisis, dislocation and uncertainty in the Baltic region and Eastern Europe are linked to new forms of imagining community, space and time.

Call for papers

CBEES Annual Conference 2017 poster

Contemporary Europe is often described as being in a seemingly perpetual state of crisis. This is manifest in various contradictory trends of the last decade, from grass-root protest movements such as Euromaidan and Occupy, to the growth of nationalist and neoconservative populisms, geopolitical shifts and border conflicts in the wake of Russia´s occupation of Crimea and the war in Donbass, as well as increased epistemological insecurity (sometimes designated a “post-truth” situation). Simultaneously, we are witnessing how normalised ideological and discursive relations are being rearranged into new, sometimes unexpected configurations, articulating the relation between e.g. nation, family, and gender in alternative ways. In many cases, such negotiations involve contestations around history and collective memory, opening up to competing visions of the future. Zooming in on the Baltic region and Central and Eastern Europe, this conference aims to explore how contemporary uncertainties, dislocations and ruptures are linked to new forms of imagining societal order, community and their spatial and temporal horizons.

Specifically, this conference invites papers dealing with questions such as:

  • How are radical ideas of “breaking with the status quo” manifested? How can we e.g. understand the rise of right-wing and left-wing populist movements in the region?
  • What forms of remembering the past and envisioning the future are emerging, and how do they inform a basis for identification?
  • What is the role of affect and emotion in collective mobilisation?
  • What forms of sexual and gender politics are emerging, and how do they relate to geopolitical imaginaries as well as discourses of “modernity” and “tradition”?
  • How do contemporary political trends affect environmental issues?
  • What existential risks (e.g. climate change) are being formulated and politicised?
  • What analytic tools do we need for understanding and interpreting these processes? And what is the role of academic expertise in such periods of potential transition?

We hope to attract a wide gamut of approaches to studying the region, and we invite proposals for individual papers and panels as well as proposals of roundtables. The deadline for panel and paper proposals is 15 August, 2017. Paper proposals should include the full title and a brief abstract (250 words). Please include with your abstract a short biographical note (academic affiliation and full contact information). Participation in the conference will be free of charge.

Please send your proposal to: confcbees@sh.se.


Olena Podolian
Email: olena.podolian@sh.se