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Critical and Cultural Theory

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Critical and Cultural Theory is an interdisciplinary research environment that focuses on a critically motivated study of cultural artifacts and practices.

Works of art, literary and philosophical texts, media technologies, and social and political practices are the focus of research. The researchers are united by the conviction that critically informed humanities are vital for the self-understanding and scrutiny needed to address the questions of the future in contemporary society. Through its close collaboration with the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University, themes related to this geographical area constitute an important profile area.

About the area

Critical and Cultural Theory can award doctoral (third-cycle) degrees in seven disciplines: Aesthetics, Art History, Comparative Literature, Gender Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, and the Theory of Practical Knowledge.

There are many research projects associated with the research area. For more details see Projects in the right menu.

Call for applications

Next call for doctoral studentships in Critical and Cultural Theory will be in January or February 2019. More details will be published on this website in December 2018.


Marta Edling, chairperson, Critical and Cultural Theory, +46 (0)8-608 5141

Cecilia Sjöholm, director of studies, Aesthetics, +46 (0)8-608 4453

Katarina Wadstein MacLeod, director of studies, Art History, +46 (0)8-608 4849

Katarina Mattsson, director of studies, Gender Studies, +46 (0)8-608 4670

Staffan Ericson, director of studies, Media and Communication Studies, +46 (0)8 608 4192

Ulrika Björk, director of studies, Philosophy, +46 (0)8-608 4634

Jonna Bornemark, director of studies, The Theory of Practical Knowledge, +46 (0)8-608 4528

Claudia Lindén, director of studies, Comparative Literature, +46 (0)8-608 4437