Three students sitting together at a table in the library and studying with computer and books.


Study with apps

Here we have collected a few applications (apps) that may be useful for your studies. They can be used for making notes, having a text scanned and read by voice synthesizer and organizing articles and texts, among other things. There are free- and pay-for apps, several of which are available on both IOS and Android devices.



  • Free
  • Legimus allows you to download and read talking books
  • You will need to register for an account at the library before you can start finding and downloading audio books to the app
  • You can use the talking books both by streaming and offline
  • Download: App Store. Google Play.





Voice Dream

  • Pay-for app
  • Text-to-speech reading that supports .pdf and DRM-free e-books
  • Useful app for reading articles or scanned texts
  • Can be synchronized with Dropbox
  • You do not need an account or log-in
  • Download: App Store. Google Play




  • Free
  • Useful app for managing documents
  • Write notes directly in the app, save items and attach files
  • You will need to create your own account to use the app
  • Free version that works well. Premium Version available with monthly payment or annual subscription.

Download: App Store. Google Play.




  • Pay-for app
  • Notability has many useful features as compared to similar apps for annotation support
  • Write and record at the same time in the app.
  • Take photos directly through the app
  • Can be synchronized with Dropbox and Google Drive

Download: App Store



Claro ScanPen

  • Pay-for app
  • OCR app. Photographed text can be directly read aloud by your smartphone or tablet
  • No images are saved. When a new photograph is taken, the previous disappears
  • The app uses iOS's built-in voice synthesizer

Download: App Store




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