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Graphic element for the subject of EthnologyEtnologists examine current social issues by studying how culture is created and changed. Our studies focus on both contemporary and historic phenomena and are based on interviews, observations, material from the internet, archives and museums.

Ethnology at Södertörn University has a wide range of research and teaching. One area of interest is diversity and related issues in Sweden and abroad. Another central theme is social change in the Baltic Sea region. We link the experiences of everyday life to overarching social processes.

Welcome to Ethnology at Södertörn University

European Ethnology is concerned with the ways in which cultural patterns emerge, are reproduced and transformed at different points in history and in different geographical spaces, as well as how they affect and are affected by various groups of people.

This combination of historical and contemporary perspectives on culture and society means that we work with different types of materials, such as interviews and ethnographic fieldwork, but also with historical materials in archives and at museums.

Södertörn University offers Ethnology with a specialisation in Cultural Diversity in Europe. The subject can be studied either as separate courses up to a total of 120 credits, or as part of one of the degree programmes offered by the university.

You can also opt for further study on either of our Master's programmes in Ethnology: "Cultural and Societal Analysis" (60 credits) or "Cultural Diversity and Transnational Processes in Europe" (120 credits) – both of which entitle one to apply for subsequent doctoral studies in Ethnology. You can also apply for one of our two independent courses; the first is the undergraduate course "Cultural Encounters and Cultural Patterns" (30 credits) and the second consists of one term of work experience that you can opt for after having received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Ethnology.

Apply for our courses or programmes directly via studera.nu, or read more about them under the link "Undergraduate Studies" in the menu to the left. You can also read more about our Master's programmes.