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Tourism Studies

Graphic element for the subject of Tourism StudiesAs people's leisure opportunities have increased and their demands have become increasingly sophisticated, tourism has developed into one of the world's most expansive industries, employing increasing numbers of people in related businesses.

However, as a phenomenon, tourism is nothing new, but has been found in different forms in different civilisations over the ages. It has also become an object of study and work-oriented academic knowledge has become more and more in demand on the labour market – both for new employees and those already in work.

Tourism Studies

Tourism is a young and multidisciplinary academic subject in Sweden, but has been found in other parts of the world since the mid-1950s. Södertörn University focuses on the main theme of urban tourism with the following sub-themes: tourist companies, experiential tourism, destination development, tourism communication and the meetings industry.

The subject mainly deals with individuals' travel to various destinations for a range of purposes, as well as how naturally occurring conditions at a destination and different stakeholder offers enable travel to and accommodation/activities at the destination.