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Graphic element for the subject of SociologySociology is a subject that provides in-depth skills and knowledge in the understanding and analysis of society, with all its diversity and complexity: politics and economics, fashion and trends, the labour market and working life, wealth and poverty, sports and entertainment, ideology and religion, involvement or apathy, arts, culture and the media.


About the subject

Sociologists work with issues such as global analysis, investigations and enquiries, opinion measurement, alcohol research, aid provision, HR management, social work, staff provision, the civil service, risk, politics, journalism, etc. A good knowledge base and an understanding of how society works equips students to choose from a wide spectrum of professions.

Studying sociology will result in generalist knowledge that enables an overview of the wider context, as well as providing training in producing surveys relating to various aspects of society. Students receive professional training in designing surveys, learning interview techniques and performing analyses using advanced statistical methods. Sociology is the right subject for anyone interested in social issues.


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