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Graphic element for the subject of BiologyBiology is a broad subject which deals with knowledge of life on earth. If you are interested in the living world, this is your subject.

The courses offered by Södertörn University include ones in the Philosophy of Science, Physiology, Ecology and the Knowledge of Species.

About the subject

Biology is a broad subject that provides knowledge of all forms of life. If you are interested in the living world, then this is the subject for you. Södertörn University offers a number of courses in Biology that can be taken as freestanding courses; they have a general content with a focus on the Philosophy of Biology, Physiology, Ecology, and Knowledge of Species. Biology courses can be combined with other programmes in order to give them a biological profile. Biology is also included in the Journalism, Man and Environment, and Environment and Development programmes.

Many activities now include work on environmental adaptation and sustainable development, where knowledge of biology and ecology are important components, so these courses can be valuable regardless of the main subject of your degree. If you want to start your own business, you can create your own knowledge capital by choosing according to your own profile.