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Development Studies

Graphic element for the subject of Development StudiesDevelopment Studies addresses global development issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Inequal distribution of power and economic resources are important issues in a globalised world. The cause and effect of these inequalities, relationships between the genders, climate change, decision-making processes, international aid, health and environmental issues are all important aspects that are studied in this subject.

About the subject

The uneven distribution of power and economic resources is an important issue in an increasingly globalised world. Relations between rich and poor nations are central to this subject. What are these relationships like and why do they take the forms they do? How do they affect global and local development in the short and long term? Courses in Development and International Cooperation study global development issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Using classic and modern development theories, we examine why the world is like it is. The causes and effects of unequal power relationships, gender relations, climate change, decision-making processes, aid, and health and environmental issues are all important aspects that are covered in this subject. It also provides knowledge of conventions and global economic and political institutions that influence and govern our world, increasing the understanding of international cooperation. Studies in development and international cooperation provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are relevant for work at public authorities, organisations and businesses locally, nationally, internationally or globally.