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Graphic element for the subject of GeographyGeography is an interdisciplinary subject that unites the social sciences and natural sciences in the knowledge of the Earth. Geography applies the unifying vision required by many contemporary environmental and social problems.

About the subject

Geographic information in the media washes over us every day. The information society is dependent on GIS (geographic information systems) for traffic management, fire and rescue services, weather information and product marketing. Interpreting geographic information is one of the geographer's tasks. The most important question to answer is: Why are things like this just here? Geographic knowledge is important for social planning and for preserving the environment, among other things.

The word "geography" means Earth-description. The subject has its roots in Ancient Greece and was established as a modern academic discipline in the mid-1800s. The subject was then divided into and Earth science, Physical Geography, and a social science, Human Geography. There is now a shared ambition to once again see geography as a whole, in order to understand how humans shape and use the landscape. The need for the integration of human and physical geography is increasing in social planning, environmental issues and other traditional geographic tasks.

Geographic studies often relate to the location and dimensions of housing, workplaces, services and transport systems, but also the interaction between man and environment in a wider perspective. An interdisciplinary approach allows human geographers to examine issues relating to land and water use for different purposes. There is often cooperation with other social sciences, as well as with the humanities and natural sciences.

The lower levels of the courses in Geography are focused on providing the foundations of themes such as cartography, landscapes, population, business, subsistence, urbanisation, social planning, transport and natural and historic environments. Theory and methods are increasingly important on the more advanced courses. Work on a degree essay also takes up a considerable amount of time. Teaching is carried out as lectures, seminars, practical exercises, study visits and individual study, both in the field and using a computer