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Comparative Literature

Graphic element for the subject of Comparative LiteratureComparative Literature deals with all kinds of fiction, which are studied in relation to society - historically and analytically. Our subject covers the dominant oral, written and  visual media of its time.

About the subject

Our overarching aim is to provide a knowledge of literary history, as well as interpretive tools to further a deeper understanding of literature and drama.

We also want to give our students the opportunity to independently benefit from and participate in discussions around comparative literature. The idea of conveying the subject is central; many of our students will be active in culture and the arts, and will work on different methods for conveying literature and drama. This is one reason why we offer a popular Creative Writing course as an integrated part of the courses at Bachelor's (first cycle) level. In this way, we wish to promote a close up approach to language and literature, through exercises and discussions about the student's own writing, which will have a literary focus in the first semester and focus more on reviews and essays in the second semester.

Undergraduate (first cycle)

At Södertörn University, Bachelor's (first cycle) level Comparative Literature is offered with two specialisations, one that is general, and one that focuses on the dramatic text and theatre. 

The gender perspective is emphasised throughout, both in the view of history and interpretively. We use postcolonial and global perspectives. A range of approaches and methods are introduced, as is a basic knowledge of literary and theatrical history. Independent analytical ability and language use are practised in the Creative Writing module, which entails writing short fictional texts linked to the literature, as well as more factual texts such as essays and reviews of literature and theatre.

English spoken courses

Starting 2017, we offer an English spoken course aimed to giving an introduction to contemporary Swedish drama and Swedish theatre - Sweden on Stage. In  Spring semesters, students from abroad take a course together with Swedish students, European and American Gothic Fiction and Poetry 1750–1850

Master's level

At Master's (second-cycle) level we have a range of courses and a Master's programme, on which students have an option of receiving training in writing for the general public in publications for culture and the arts or similar. These studies may lead the student into research. (Admission spring terms).