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Media Technology

Graphic element for the subject of Media TechnologyMedia Technology at Södertörn University is an interdisciplinary field that includes technology, social sciences and humanities. It covers areas such as web design, photography, film and interaction design.

The subject has both practical and theoretical aspects. These include craft-oriented skills, such as text and image management, and the editing and production of moving images, but also more theoretical discussions about IT's role in society. Media Technology is teaching-intensive compared to many other university subjects, but much of the work remains autonomous and is often done on a project basis. We offer courses up to Master's (second-cycle) level and offer courses on several Bachelor's programmes.

Welcome to Media Technology!

Media Technology at Södertörn University combines in-depth knowledge with the design and analysis of interactive artifacts. Media Technology is an interdisciplinary subject with strong links to Interaction Design, Informatics and Media and Communications Studies, for example.

Reflection and practical application is important in Media Technology. Technical knowledge provides an understanding of digital artifacts, while the ability to put technology in a social context is a necessity for all design work. Analysis and the simultaneous use of practical knowledge, as well as expressing ideas both orally and in writing, is important. Theoretical knowledge will improve if it is used in practice, while practical exercises will lead to a more nuanced understanding of links with theory.

Media technology is a crossdisciplinary design-oriented
technology subject at the School of Natural Science, Technology and
Environmental Studies. The subject was established in 2001 with focus on
design and analysis of digital media. Media technology is the second
largest educational subject and constitutes a dynamical and creative
environment for both education and research.

We currently have only one programme taught in English, a Master's degree in Interactive Media Design

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