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Graphic element for the subject of RhetoricRhetoric at Södertörn University is founded upon the old tradition of Rhetoric, but we focus our education and research on contemporary communication and influence. Rhetoric is constantly around us and always relevant. At Södertörn University we conduct education and research in social opinion building and theories of thinking and learning, among other things.

The teaching staff’s wide range of expertise – ranging from Latin, via Philosophy, Comparative Literature and Linguistics to Social Science in its broadest sense – influences education at all levels. We see the various aspects of the social production of meaning as a vital part of the subject. We work with the creation of meaning through different symbolic forms, not only through speaking and writing in the traditional sense..

About the subject

Rhetoric deals with influence and communication. Increasing your knowledge of rhetoric means you are well prepared in a world where the exchange of information is of increasing significance.

Studying Rhetoric at Södertörn University means that you learn to analyse and understand the changing conditions found in various situations and thus to practice targeted communication. Rhetoric also deals with credibility, being able to act wisely in complex and demanding situations and to find the right occasions for communications and for influence.

Rhetoric at Södertörn University unites knowledge from traditional rhetoric with modern research into language, culture and society. Classical Rhetoric teaches you to discover and invent arguments and to act ethically and purposefully. Modern rhetoric gives you knowledge and practical experience of learning, crisis and conflict management, opinion building in the media landscape and how storytelling can influence and involve, among other things. Our courses also develop your analytical ability so that you can see through propaganda, deal with domination techniques and fraudulent arguments, as well as solving various communication problems.

Rhetoric is equally suitable for students coming straight from upper-secondary school or for those who have worked for many years. Rhetoric offers two Bachelor’s programmes, a two-year Master’s programme and several freestanding courses at various rates of study, day or evening, making it possible to combine work and studies. Information about our courses and programmes can be found under the Education tab.

As a subject, Rhetoric is all around us in society, and Rhetoric at Södertörn University has a presence in society through a range of external relations and research projects. You can read more about the subject’s researchers and teachers under the tabs for Research, External Relations and Staff.