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Aesthetics at Södertörn University is a new subject with a long history. The word 'aesthetics' originates from the Greek 'aisthesis', which approximates to 'discernment' or 'perception from the senses'.

The modern subject of Aesthetics has its roots in eighteenth century philosophy and the issue of the essence of art. Aesthetics at Södertörn University returns to the Greek concept of 'aisthesis'. This means that Aesthetics is a theory of the senses that investigates how people approach the world through their senses, either to gather knowledge about it or to enjoy and find pleasure in it. The subject also has a new relevance in the contemporary media, which is more filled with messages, information and sensory impressions than ever before.

About Aesthetics

Studying Aesthetics at Södertörn University brings together the subject's philosophical tradition and contemporary life. Classic texts and Antique concepts gain relevance in relation to contemporary art and media.

Courses and programmes

Studies unite current cultural theory and philosophical aesthetics in a way that creates links to current research, as well as contemporary art and debate. As a student of Aesthetics you will gain familiarity with its basic concepts through themed areas that cover modernism and modern art, politics and society.

During your studies you will examine numerous works of art, literary and visual, conceptual and traditional. On the basis of Aesthetics as a theory of how we perceive and gain knowledge of the world through our senses, you will learn to interpret and describe the aesthetic experience. From the first year, studies unite theory and practice with study visits, invited guests from the cultural sphere and active writing work.

In the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education's and the Swedish Higher Education Authority's evaluation of the nation's higher education, Aesthetics at Södertörn University has received excellent recommendations and been evaluated as having high quality at both Bachelor's and Master's level.

You can study Aesthetics as a freestanding course up to Bachelor's level or as part of the Aesthetics degree programme; we also offer a 60-credit Master's programme. Aesthetics also has doctoral students who are linked to the research area of Critical and Cultural Theory.


Our teachers all have a high level of academic expertise; many of them are internationally established and have clear profiles is the contemporary arts and culture. Research in Aesthetics is focused on its historic conditions and conceptual development and develops the central issues of Aesthetics regarding mankind and the world, bodies and consciousness, ideas and objects and how these can be read in contemporary art.