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Graphic element for the subject of EnglishWith hundreds of millions of people around the world using it daily, English is undoubtedly one of the most important global languages. 

In virtually every country, it is an essential part of business, research, commerce, technology, politics, news and many other fields in which the exchange of ideas is essential.

English at Södertörn University at the top

In a 2012 examination by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, the Department of English at Södertörn University was one of three English departments in Sweden who got the highest marks for the quality of their teaching.

"This is a recognition of the fantastic work done in the subject of English at Södertörn University. We have wonderful teachers and students," says Anna Maria Jönsson, Head of the School of Culture and Education at Södertörn University.

Södertörn University is looking ahead to an international and multicultural future. This means that all languages are tremendously important to us, though the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of the English-speaking world is of particular interest to the subject of English.

We offer courses at Bachelor's and Master's level (first and second cycle). English also plays an important role in many of the degree programmes at Södertörn University.

English is part of the European Studies programme, the Media, English, and Globalisation programme, and the INTEK programme. English is also an optional subject on the Teacher Education programme.