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Art History

Graphic element for the subject of History and Theory of ArtArt History at Södertörn University is both thematic and rooted in contemporary life. We let history enrich the present day and vice versa.

Students work with various themes that are linked to concepts, narratives, issues or methods, instead of following a single chronological line. The subject unites classic Art History with visual cultural studies; from artworks and other aesthetic rarities to mass-produced images, architecture and design. Theory and empiricism are linked from the very beginning and are applied practically, with study visits as part of every module. Campus courses involve a number of invited guests from the professional field – artists, experts, museum directors, etc. The multicultural perspective and gender and class aspects are continually integrated into the various modules.

Art History

Art History presents students with a range of artworks from the past to the present. They learn to interpret and describe images that are based on an international spectrum of visual representation using a wide range of forms.

Undergraduate courses in Art History cover everything from cave graffiti and magical pictures to architecture and digital spaces, and from autonomous masterpieces in the form of paintings, sculptures or films to artisan crafts and design. For example, we analyse modes of expression such as advertising, propaganda, pornography and scientific images, which provoke actions, feelings and behaviours.

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