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About the website

The website was launched in 2011. We use the web-publishing tool "P3". The navigation principle used on the website builds on a "flat structure". The idea is that information should be easily accessible and that visitors should be able to find what they are looking for without having to search through lots of levels.

Finding your way on the library website

The library website starts on the homepage, containing links to different services, news etc. The homepage is referred to sometimes as the "Library portal". Here you will also find links to other content menus. The homepage has two sections targeting different audiences, "More information for teachers" and "More information for researchers". There is also a section called "Search and writing assistance" where you find tips and information on writing essays and searching for information.


Here is a short description of the library homepage and a diagram identifying the function of the different areas on it.

Printscreen on the homepage for the library english website.

 (The image above is a montage)

An explanation of the letters and arrows above

A: The main menu has a Mega drop-down menu which opens when you hover over the small arrow beside Library in the menu bar at the top of the page. This menu has shortcut links to some of our pages on the library website.

B: On top of the page, to the right, is a search box where you can type in words for the type of information you need to find on the website. This is another way to navigate on our website.

C: The search box for our resources is in the centre of the library start page. Here you can search in SöderScholar, the library's search tool, which gathers information from many different resources. In SöderScholar you can search different types of material. In "Other resources A-Z" you can search in the library's list of databases."E-Journals" is a link to BrowZine, where you can browse many journals of different disciplines, mainly in English.

D: In the top right hand corner is the slide show which shows some choice news or tips from us in the library. The slideshow will change slide automatically but you can stop it if you wish. You can browse through the slide show using the arrows or select a particular slide by clicking one of the small "boxes".

E: Under the search box for SöderScholar, you will find the latest Library news. You can subscribe to the Library news by using the RSS-function.

F: Here you can see when the library is open. Here is also a link on to all opening hours and opening hours for the entire year (eg, if there is a special public holiday)

G: In the middle of the start page is the "do-it-yourself" menu. The links have icons for each. You can choose, for example, to check your loans, book a group study room or publish your essay.

H: In the "About the library" menu, on the right hand side under the slide show, you will find links to more information.  If you click on one of these links you will come to a submenu with a new menu of subheadings relevant to that respective area. Here is also a link to our "Search and writing assistance" that is specifically made for you as student. Here you find a link to visit our Facebook-page.

I: In the "More information for..." - menu, you will find shortcut menus for Teachers and Researchers.

J: At the bottom on our website you will find our Popular textbooks (Swedish: "boksnurran") , a selection of books that you can borrow from us. The Popular textbooks switch themes every now and then. You will also find the The Popular textbooks on our Facbook-page.

In English

The Södertörn University Library website is also available in English. A large majority of the pages on the Swedish website correspond with the equivalent page on the English version of the website. To access the English version of the website click on the "In English" button in the top right-hand corner of the Södertörn University homepage.

The English version of the library website starts on the university homepage meaning that if you are browsing the library website in Swedish and the click on the "In English" button you will be re-routed to the university homepage. From there you can go to the English version of the library website. 

Mobile homepage

There is now a mobile version of the library homepage, which you can access by visiting the library website on your mobile phone or tablet-pc. You will be redirected automatically. From the mobile homepage you can return to the library's standard website, but doing so means that for a period of time you won’t be redirected to the mobile version. Instead, a link to the mobile version of the library website will be shown above the contents of the website. It is only from the library's website that this redirect occurs.

The mobile library website contains a selection of the library's most popular services as well as information about opening times, contact information and how to get to the library. Here you also find our chat. The services are also adapted for mobile devices to a certain extent.

Popular textbooks

In our Popular textbooks list (in Swedish: "Boksnurran") we highlight a number of the library's books, both e-books and printed. The cover of each book is shown, which in turn is linked to SöderScholar where you can check availability of the book and reserve it. The aim of the Popular textbooks list is to present a selection of the library's books in a more visual way. Popular textbooks is at the bottom of the Library's homepage and can also be found via our Facebook page. 


At the top, on some pages, there is a "Share" button. Click this button to share this page, and the information contained, with friends via e-mail or a number of social networking sites.

You can share page content via:

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To be able to use several of the library's services and use SöderScholar, JavaScript must be activated. Read more about the website and accessibility.

Common principles (Core Values)

When the university got a new website in 2011, we began to work with the library's "identity" in different ways, and the took the web-group formulated a number of core values which were felt should permeate the library website. All employees at the library were involved, in one way or another, in the process. The core values ​​for the Web is ​​based on five common principles :

The core values are based on the following five keywords:

  • Inclusive
  • Animated
  • Intuitive
  • Inviting
  • Innovative

Värdegrund Södertörns högskolebiblioteks webb 2011 2.0 _(Swedish language only). pdf

Users' opinion study

We have at different times carried out Users' opinion studies regardning the Library website and our search tool SöderScholar. We strive to involve our users as often as possible, especially if we plan to make significant changes to our website. Do you have questions? Welcome to contact us at

Your points of view about the website

We are always happy to receive your points of view regarding the website in the interests of constant improvement. Do you have any ideas, questions, or have you found something that does not work as it should on the library website? Please help us by completing the form Suggestions for our web group.

You can also contact the person who is responsible for the webpage, the page manager, if you have comments on a specific webpage. You find the name of the page manager at the bottom of every webpage. Thank you for your feedback!