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Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge

Graphic element for the Centre for Studies in Practical KnowledgeWe create meetings between different forms of knowledge: theory and practice, art and science. We explore, raise awareness of and develop practical knowledge with an emphasis on different forms of knowledge in working life.

Meetings between people are the foundation of many professions. The Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge conducts research and offers continuing professional development for groups in which understanding people is decisive for expertise: in healthcare, schools and caring professions, as well as the police, actors, and teachers in higher education. Our courses are often based on the participants' experiences and investigate these from a (mostly) humanistic and theoretical perspective.

Studies in practical knowledge

Meetings between persons are essential to the knowledge necessary for many types of jobs. The Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge is especially focused upon such "human based" professions in its research and teaching, e.g. healthcare professions, teaching, psychotherapy, social work, acting and other arts-based professions. Our research profile is mainly within the humanities: Philosophy, History, Education and Aesthetics. Important research areas are medical humanities and the practical knowledge of teaching and education.

The Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge offers a part-time Master's programme in Practical Knowledge (in Swedish) which starts every year in September. We also offer shorter, focused courses for different types of professionals, and provide several courses for Teacher Education students at Södertörn University.

The centre is led by a management board and the director Jonna Lappalainen. Please contact the centre's administrative officer for further information about the centre and its activites: bengt.lundgren@sh.se.

The Centre has an external scientific board consisting of these members: Sonja Olin Lauritzen, Professor of Pedagogy, Stockholm University; Sverker Sörlin, Professor of Environmental History, Royal School of Technology, Stockholm; Ingela Josefson, Professor of Working Life Knowledge at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, and University of Nordland, Norway; and Carl Johan Fürst, Professor of Palliative Medicine and Care, Lund University.

For more information please visit our Swedish web page.