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Graphic element for MARIS - the Maritime Archaeological Research Institute at Södertörn University The MARIS research institute at Södertörn University carries out and develops maritime archaeological research, with a special emphasis on the Baltic Sea and the surrounding area.

MARIS aims to be a meeting point for national and international Baltic maritime archaeological research and to create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge between maritime archaeologists through networking, seminars, workshops and conferences.

MARIS aims to contribute to the development of maritime archaeology through an active theoretical discussion of research directions and through initiatives to stimulate new maritime archaeological research. An important part of this is to be involved in multidisciplinary collaboration with other fields, community organisations and the commercial world.

About us

MARIS is a centre for maritime archeological research at Södertörn University. In recent years, researchers from MARIS has explored several shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea, including Mars, Gribshunden, and "the Ghost Ship".

Maritime archeological research in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is one of the best places in the world for maritime archaeological research. Seafaring and its material requirements, such as ships and harbours, are a central feature of the history of the region and its peoples, so this sea has been heavily trafficked since far back in time and has seen many wrecks. Many of the organisms which usually destroy wood under water cannot live in the cold, brackish Baltic, and thus shipwrecks and other artefacts can survive nearly intact for hundreds of years in the dark at the bottom of the sea.

Swedish maritime archaeological research has an excellent international reputation, and Sweden is seen as one of the leading countries in the world in this field. This is in no small part due to the salvage of the warship Vasa and the maritime and cultural historical research that developed in the 1970s as a result of work with this famous ship.

The Ghost Ship Exhibition

A unique model of the Ghost Ship is the basis of an exhibition in the University Library.

Academic education in maritime archeology

Academic education in this subject began at the end of the 1970s with independent courses and supervision of doctoral students. In 1997, maritime archaeology was one of the subjects established as part of the development of Södertörn University. The subject offered a unique perspective on the Baltic region, which fit well with Södertörn University's academic profile, and the establishment of a permanent institute gave the subject a stable academic platform in Sweden.

Södertörn University is today the only Swedish higher education institution to carry out maritime archaeological research and education, and thus plays a central role in the scientific development of the field.

MARIS is part of The School of Historical and Contemporary Studies.

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A unique salvage operation in Ronneby – “The Monster” sees the light of day after 500 years under water

The unique figurehead from the 15th century ship “Gribshunden” was salvaged on Tuesday 11 August, following its discovery during diving operations in June.
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