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Graphic element for ENTER forum - the Centre for EntrepreneurshipENTER forum is a hub for multidisciplinary research and education in the field of entrepreneurship. Södertörn University's ambition is to increase the level of knowledge about the role of entrepreneurship in social development, to stimulate interest in research, education and practical application, and to contribute to the development of a thriving regional business culture.

Important driving forces behind the creation of the ENTER forum include the central role of entrepreneurship in social development and an interest in regional development, combined with increased demand for higher education.

About us

ENTER forum's primary task is to increase knowledge of entrepreneurship's role in social development and to stimulate interest in research into entrepreneurship, education and its practical application. The subject of entrepreneurship is multidisciplinary, crossing subject boundaries.

The overarching themes of research within ENTER forum are the dynamics of entrepreneurship and the understanding of how established and accepted structures change and are replaced by new ones. Research covers socio-economic change at macro and micro levels, in time and space, seen from historic and contemporary perspectives. The centre is characterised by its perspectives on entrepreneurship in terms of innovation, but also by its critical approach to how concepts such as entrepreneurship and innovation are used and applied in different contexts.

Research at ENTER forum includes longitudinal studies of the cyclic development of industry and company populations, entrepreneurship and the transformations of different types of domains, e.g. the service sector, the public sector, privatisation of state property, the agricultural industry, and culture and the arts. Phenomena such as social entrepreneurship, and studies of academics' roles in the commercialisation of research results, are examined at the centre. Other areas of research are the role of leadership in innovation processes, team-based entrepreneurship and branding. A significant amount of research has an international focus, in which entrepreneurial activities and processes are studied in transformative economies and society, with a particular focus on the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.

ENTER forum does not just conduct research. It also works with education, seminars, and research in collaboration with business. Cooperation with the surrounding community, such as contract education and continuing education for teachers, from primary schools to higher education, in part of the centre's work on dissemination knowledge of entrepreneurship's role in society. ENTER forum also functions as an academic advisory body for units at Södertörn University, regarding issues linked to innovation and entrepreneurship.