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The Academy of Public Administration

The Academy of Public Administration is a Graphic element for the Academy of Public Administrationmultidisciplinary research centre at Södertörn University. It gathers research on public administration, primarily Swedish public administration, from a range of different areas.

Our task is to:

  • conduct professional multidisciplinary education in public administration, primarily through contract education at postgraduate level
  • develop research into  issues related to public administration with a particular focus on Sweden
  • form an arena for meetings between various areas of public administration and academia through seminar and research partnerships

About us

Public administration is central to the development of Swedish society and there is a great need for more contact between the practice of public administration and research in the field. Our aim is to become a platform where this meeting can take place, thus promoting long-term cooperation. Increased proximity also provides the opportunity to develop knowledge and expertise in both public administration and academia.

Södertörn University has a wide range of research and education with a focus on public administration. Along with our interdisciplinary profile, this builds a good foundation on which to host a meeting place.

The full name of the centre is:
The Academy of Public Administration: the Södertörn University Centre for Research and Higher Education in Public Administration