The university in brief

- 73 programmes and around 230 courses
- 11 481 students, 72 doctoral students and 877 employees
- More than 76 % of the teaching staff have doctoral degrees
- Turnover exceeds SEK 780 million

Södertörn University

The university's main building was built in 2002. It has teaching areas, offices and workspaces for teachers, researchers and administrators, as well as an auditorium that seats 700, lecture halls and a theatre.

An international university

Internationalisation runs through all the university's activities and is a natural element of all research and education. Södertörn University has more than 90 partner universities in other countries.

About Södertörn University

Södertörn University entrance.Södertörn University offers profiled courses and programmes in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology. A number of the university's programmes are multidisciplinary and include subject combinations that cross traditional subject boundaries.


Södertörn University.The university is characterised by a strong belief in the ability to think freely and critically and the desire to produce new knowledge and contemporary innovation. Research and education take place in close cooperation between academia, business and the surrounding community.