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Access and premises

On this page you will find information about access to the library’s premises. If you have further questions or if something does not work, please contact us.

Entry and parking

The library’s main entrance can be accessed from the main square (Blickatorget). The address is Alfred Nobels allé 11. The entrance is two doorways and passageways, fitted with automatic door openers. Doorway width: Entrance, the inner and outer doorways are 90 cm wide. Through the main entrance you enter the 5th floor.

It is also possible to access the library via the lift, having entered through the entrance beside Allé Elva (floor 4). Remember, however, that this entrance has different opening times than the rest of Södertörn university. The university’s buildings are connected so access to the library is possible from anywhere inside the university.

There are two parking spaces for persons with disabilities outside the entrance to Alfred Nobels allé 5. There are two further parking spaces outside the entrance to the building Primus (floor 1). If the parking spaces for persons with disabilities are occupied, you are allowed to park free of charge in any other parking space belonging to the university. This is only the case if you have "Disability Parking Permit" (The Swedish Transport Agency).

Mobility service address

Mobility service and taxis are directed to the library’s main entrance, Alfred Nobels allé 11.

In the Library

Lifts, furniture and floors

The lifts in the library give you access to all floors.

Lift capacity: The two lifts in the library are 230 cm deep and 100 cm wide. The lift between floor 4 and 5, which takes you up to outside the main entrance of the library is 150 cm deep and 100 cm wide.

The library information desk is located on the right side when you enter from the main entrance (5th floor). The library information desk and catalogue-search computers can be raised and lowered.

Doors and thresholds

Some of the doors in the library are fitted with automatic door openers, but not all. There are very few thresholds or doorsteps in the library.


Toilets are on floor 5, 6 and 7 in the library. On floor 5 there is an accessible toilet, which is adapted for use by persons with disabilities. The toilet rooms are spacious, equipped with retractable armrests and changing tables. Please ask at the information desk if you cannot find them.

Hearing loops

Room UB425 in the library is equipped with a hearing loop. The library’s smaller rooms and group rooms are not equipped with hearing loops.  If you have any questions about a particular room, you are welcome to contact us. Hearing loops are available in all of the university’s lecture halls for 80, 120 and 160 persons. Portable hearing loops are available to borrow if they are required in smaller seminar rooms or group rooms. If you are a student at Södertörn University, send an email to If you are a student at the Red Cross University College (RKH), you can contact the student advisor for more information, email:

Relaxation room

The relaxation room in the library is on floor 5 behind the day-loans room. Ask any of the staff at the information desk for help to open the room. Switching on the red light outside the door to the relaxation room tells others the room is occupied.


The plants in the library and around the university campus have been approved by the asthma and allergy association. Toiletries in all visitor and staff toilet room are perfume and colour free.


Pets are not permitted in the library, but guide dogs are.

The Resource room, separate computer room and computers with extra programmes

The library’s resource room, UB523, is on floor 5. This room is for library users with impairments who need digital tools to help them with their studies. The resource room is for those needing privacy and desks that can be raised and lowered to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters. In the resource room you will find two computers equipped with extra programmes as well as a text-enlargement television for users with vision impairment. If you are a student at Södertörn University, send an email to for help in accessing this room. Are you a student at the Red Cross University College (RKH) and want to get in the resource room, please contact Reading and writing assistance.

Read more about Information for students with disabilities.

Reading and writing assistance

Are you a student at Södertörn University or The Swedish Red Cross University College with a disability that affects your studies? Contact the Accessible Media service, who will help you find and acquire modified books.

Do you have any questions or points of view?

You are welcome to contact the library by phone: 08-608 4016 or via

We also have a chat where you can ask your questions to us.









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