About Södertörn University

Students outside the main entrance of Södertörn University.Södertörn University provides high quality research and education at all levels, offering a friendly atmosphere and an inspiring environment. Our modern, attractive campus is located in Flemingsberg, 19 minutes from central Stockholm on the commuter train.

Södertörn University combines interesting subjects to make engaging and often unique degrees. We offer 250 courses and 70 programmes, and currently have 11 000 enrolled students. We conduct education and research in the humanities, social sciences, technology and natural science. We also offer teacher education with an intercultural profile. Research into the Baltic region and Eastern Europe forms a knowledge environment that is among the best in the world.


Students at campus.Web browser

The information on sh.se should be accessible from all web browsers. When developing the website we conduct testing in the latest versions of the following browsers:

For PCs: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
For Mac: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari

We have also ensured that the website works in the most common mobile phones (iPhone, Android) and on iPads.



SH.se works best with JavaScript enabled, but it is not necessary to access information. Instead, the aim is to enhance the user experience and simplify filters and the display of various kinds of information.

JavaScript must be enabled to be able to use the library's search function "SöderScholar". The same applies to many of the library's services.

The following do not work unless JavaScript is enabled:

  • Shortcut menu
  • Page footer – use the tab key to state a position for Rail and Road
  • No education filter
  • Preview projects and publications
  • Publications – expand the entire list
  • News cannot be expanded in the news portal
  • Calendar items cannot be expanded in the calendar portal. Clicking on a news/calendar item in the list opens it separately.


SH.se uses style templates (CSS) so the browser automatically adapts the page for printing. This means that a specific print version is not necessary; instead you can print pages from the website using your web browser's inbuilt print function. Many pages also have a "Print" button that opens the print dialogue.

Some menus and navigation are removed on the print-outs, and colours and fonts are adapted for printing.

If you want to see what a print-out looks like before sending it to the printer, you can choose "Print preview" or "Preview" in your web browser.

Font size

SH.se uses relative font size, which means that the size of the text can be changed using the browser's inbuilt functions. This is done differently depending on the web browser you are using. It's often found in menus such as Show, Page or Content.

New windows

In general, no links should open in a new window. Some document formats may be an exception to this, such as PDF files. The library has a number of services that open in a popup. It is clearly stated when a link opens in a new window.

If you would like to open a link in a new window or a new tab, you can do this by right clicking on the link and choosing "Open in new window" or "Open in new tab". You can also hold down a key at the same time as you click on a link to open it in a new window or tab. The specific key varies between browsers and operating systems, but it is mostly commonly Ctrl in Windows and Cmd (Apple) in Mac OS X.

Keyboard navigation

If you find using a mouse difficult, it is often easier to navigate using the keyboard. In most browsers you can do this using the Tab key to jump from one link to the next, and the Enter or Return keys to activate a link. To jump to the previous link, hold down the Shift key while pressing Tab.

Slideshow on portal pages

If you wish to stop the slideshow on the portal pages, there is a stop button in the lower right corner of the slideshow. This is the small grey button furthest down to the right with two white lines in (it says "Pause" when you roll the mouse over it). Press the button again to start the slideshow (which shows the text "Play").