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Students.Our aim is to provide students at Södertörn University with the best possible service and support, so this area of the website gathers practical information that we hope and believe you will find useful.

Do you want to know how to apply to higher education or when the semester starts? Do you need to contact the Student Health Service, or perhaps you are planning to become involved with a student organisation? Do you want to apply for a degree certificate but are unsure how to go about it? Many questions can arise during your studies; if you can't find the answer you need here, please contact one of our study guidance advisors or Student Support Services. They will be happy to help you.

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Applying for a degree certificate

Upon completing your studies at Södertörn University you are may apply for a degree certificate. Submit the application form below to the Degree Administration Office.

Provided you fulfil the degree requirements, a degree certificate will be issued and sent to you within approximately 8 weeks of the application being received by the Degree Administration Office. 

Information  for your application.

Only completed courses may be included in a degree.To include credits from courses completed in a country other than Sweden, these credits must first be transferred to Södertörn University by the head of department or the programme director.

A degree certificate,

specifies a student's full name, Swedish ID number or date of birth, the degree title and main field of study, and a record of studies showing the credits, grades and date of completion of each course. The issue date on the degree certificate is the date your application arrives at Södertörn University. All degree certificates are issued in Swedish with an English translation in the same document.

Diploma Supplement

All graduates receive a diploma supplement with the degree certificate. The diploma supplement issued by Södertörn University is in accordance with the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. It explains the content of your qualification, as well as the Swedish higher education system, in order to facilitate the assessment and recognition of Swedish qualifications for employers and higher education institutions in other countries. The diploma supplement should always be used with the degree certificate, never alone.

The degree certificate is sent digitally to the email address you provide on the application. Your digital diploma is the original of the degree certificate.

Documents that should be included with the application.

  • An attested copy of your Bachelor's degree certificate to confirm the prerequisites for a Master's degree.
  • Written approval from the programme director for the inclusion of credits from other Swedish higher education institutions in a programme completed at Södertörn University.

Application Forms,

-first- and second-cycle.
Application degree certificate.pdf

-third-cycle. (Licentiate and Degree of Docktor of Philosophy).
Application for third-cycle degree certificate.pdf


For more information on degrees and local policies contact the Degree Administration Office: For information on study programmes or how to combine courses for a degree contact the career and study guidance advisors: