For teachers

Researcher.Here we have gathered information which teachers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on what help the library can offer.

Support for students

The library has a service for students with reading and writing disabilities. We also offer tutorials on information searches for students who are writing essays. This service is offered to students at Södertörn University, The Swedish Red Cross University College and to students at our commissioned programs.

Talking books for students

You may have students in your group who need talking books. In order for these students to receive course literature modified by the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) it is important that the course literature list is confirmed in sufficient time before the start of the course. Changing course literature during the course can make it difficult for these students to organise the loan of necessary materials.

If as a teacher you may refer students with questions about these matters to the library's reading and writing assistance service.

You can also get more information from the university co-ordinator for students with disabilities at

Tutorials on information searches for students

The library offers information search tutorials to students at Södertörn University and The Swedish Red Cross University who are writing essays or similar texts and want to learn more about information searches. During the tutorial, we work together with choosing relevant search tools, finding effective search words and evaluating sources, among other things. It is essential that the students have started to work on their essays and searches before they come and that they have a specific problem that they are motivated to learn more about.

Read more about our tutorials on information searches for students.