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Graphic element for CBEES - the Centre for Baltic and East European StudiesThe Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) is tasked with stimulating, coordinating and developing Södertörn University’s research and doctoral education. It has a particular focus on studies of the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe and conducts its own research.

Since it was founded in 2005, CBEES has become a strong and thriving multidisciplinary research environment. The centre is a hub for cooperation throughout the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe, organising international conferences, seminars and workshops. The researchers’ expertise is in demand both within academia and in public debate. Research in the area is reflected in the international Baltic Worlds journal.

Many international visiting researchers have passed through the centre of the years, and more than 70 doctoral students have studied at BEEGS, the Baltic and East European Graduate School.

Baltic Worlds

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Baltic Worlds is a scholarly international journal with readers in 50 countries. BW's area of interest covers the Baltic Sea region, Eastern Europe, the Post-Soviet countries including Caucasus and Balkan.

Baltic Worlds is a quarterly scholarly publication, with international distribution. The journal Baltic Worlds is published by the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University, and is financed by funds made available by the Östersjöstiftelsen (Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies).

Content  & readership

Baltic Worlds contributes to the dissemination of knowledge about the geographic area of the Baltic Sea region, Eastern Europe and Russia, their countries, history, cultures and social development.

The journal has a circulation of around 3500, and is read by subscribers in around fifty countries, particularly in Europe. Its readership is both academic and non-academic. Baltic Worlds contains both peer-reviewed articles and articles in other genres. Baltic Worlds publishes scholarly articles in the fields of social science, humanities and socially-relevant technology and science.

Peer-reviewed articles

Baltic Worlds uses a double blind peer-review process, under the supervision of the editorial advisory board. The reviewers are selected for their specialist knowledge, and are at least at post-doc level.

A peer-reviewed article published in BW will, for the authors and their institutions using the Norwegian bibliometric register (DHB), generate one publication point. All scholarly essays in BW are to be found in EBSCO databses, as well as DOAJ.

Baltic Worlds is found in the Norwegian register of research publications, and assigned Level 1 - scientific. Baltic Worlds has an agreement with EBSCO and articles are placed in EBSCO databases.Baltic Worlds is also included in DOAJ and do not charge writers, readers or their institutions for access. All scholarly articles are free, in accordance with the BOAI definition of "Open Access". The printed journal is illustrated, and the design is part of Baltic Worlds' profile. All articles are carefully language-checked and proof-read by professionals.

Election Coverage

On the web, www.balticworlds.com, we also have an Election Coverage section with commentary on the parliamentary and presidential elections taking place in countries around the Baltic Sea region and in Eastern Europe. Since the start 2010 we have commented on approximately 40 elections in over 20 countries.

Baltic Worlds' web site

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You may also find the journal back list open access for download on the Internet.
Instructions for contributors and guidelines for reviewers you find on our web site as well.
Please visit: www.balticworlds.com  for further information.

Baltic Worlds is also on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/balticworlds

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Ninna Mörner
Telephone:  +46 8 608 50 33

Baltic Worlds In-house edition

Baltic Worlds In-house Edition - An in-house edition from the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University.Baltic Worlds’ In-house edition focuses on the research conducted by scholars at the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) as well as the whole of Södertörn University, on the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. Nine doctoral students have assisted the editor of Baltic Worlds. Contributions have also made by professors, project researchers and other researchers at Södertörn University.
Baltic Worlds In-house edition [pdf-file, 2,5 MB]