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Bibliometric advice

With the increasing interest in research evaluation, researchers are often told they need to publish strategically. If your research is included in the sample publications being evaluated, you may have an advantage in the competition for research funds and appointments. Here is some advice to consider for your publication.

How do I get an overview of my topic?

Discuss with other researchers, preferably those more senior to you. What publishing channels available and how they are assessed within the research community? Are results usually published as articles, books or conference papers? What do evaluation panels in your subject usually rank the highest? Also consider that there are a lot of changes going on in scientific publishing, and the wisdoms of yesteryear may not apply today.

What is the best way to spread my research?

In addition to publication channels and conferences in your subject, make use of research networks and social media. Make sure that your publication is available in DiVA, which is indexed by Google Scholar and others. Publish as Open Access reach as many readers as possible. If other researchers in your field can find your publications, it increases the chances of them of using your research and citing you.

What counts in evaluations?

Try to publish as international as possible. A journal in English or an international publisher increases the chance to be included in the basis for evaluations. To find out which publication channels that are included in the basis for research evaluation in Sweden, search "Norwegian list" and take a look at the journals indexed in the Web of Science. If you cannot find your publication channel of choice in the Norwegian list, you may propose it is included for evaluation. You then need to register first.

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