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At the library you will find both printed and electronic books. The library has a wide range of up-to-date course literature. All books can be searched for in our search tool SöderScholar.

Our assortment of media

The library has a reader-driven acquisition (or Patron Driven Aquisition) system, which means that we buy books based on suggestions from students, teachers and scientists. We want the library to reflect the teaching and research conducted at the university.

You are welcome to submit suggestions for purchases to: Suggest a purchase
Read more about the library’s purchase policies:   Förvärv riktlinjer maj 2013.pdf. (in Swedish)


A great deal of literature is available in e-book format. The library's biggest e-book platforms are, Dawsonera and Ebook Central. Read more about the terms and conditions of the library's e-books at the bottom of the page.

In "Other resources A-Z" you will find several electronic encyclopedias, such as Nationalencyklopedin (NE).

Students and staff at Södertörn University and The Swedish Red Cross University College can access e-journals on and off campus. More information about remote access is available at Access to e-resources.

Course literature

The library has a wide range of up-to-date course literature and in our purchasing policies (above) you can read more about how many of copies of materials we purchase. Week loan books are out on the shelves while books for day loan are in the day loan room on the 5th floor in the library. There is only one copy of the day loan books, and they cannot be reserved. Day loans are on a first come, first served basis, so the earlier you arrive, the better your chance of getting a book.

Study Resources

We also have a collection of study resources which you will find on the outside of the day loan room, on the 5th floor in the library. The collection is a selection of the study resources used at the primary- and secondary school levels in Sweden. The library continuously buys study resources which are relevant to the university's teacher educations. The selection is primarily based on what is offered by the publishers of study resources, but also purchase suggestions. The collection is available for everyone.

Government publications

The library's collections include the below government publications. All of these, apart from SFS and Publique handlingar, are available for three-week loan.

  • Riksdagstryck: All Riksdag (Parliamentary) minutes, motions and propositions, etc., 1867–2009/2010 (subsequently published electronically).
  • SOU (Statens Offentliga Utredningar): Swedish Government Official Reports, stored electronically on Statens offentliga utredningar website. The library has printed collections 1922–2010.
  • Ds (Departementsserien): An almost complete collection of Departementsserien up until 2006 (subsequently published electronically).
  • SFS (Svensk författningssamling): Swedish Statutes 1825–2009 (subsequently published electronically).
  • Extracts from all publique handlingar: 1718–1794.

Reference books

The library's reference books, such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, statistics and handbooks, is available for day loan and needs to be returned before the library closes on the same day.

Student essays

The library does not collect essays as hard copies; instead we, and around twenty other higher education institutes, participate in DiVA (Digitalt Vetenskapligt Arkiv – Academic Archive Online), where student essays and research reports are published. Essays in DiVA and other, similar archives are also automatically collated in the national Uppsök search service


Swedish theses can be looked for in the national catalogue, LIBRIS, and the entire text may be found in digital archives such as DiVA. The library also subscribes to ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, an international thesis database.


Rules for and features of the library's e-books
  • 20% of the book content can be printed out and 5% copied
  • an unlimited number of users at any time (for almost all books)
  • normally 1-5 day loan period, but there is also one , two and three - week loan period
  • create your own book shelf
  • save your notes online
  • test-read books
  • 5-20% of the book content can be printed out
  • unlimited number of users at any time
  • available for downloading with optional 1–3 day loan period
  • create your own bookshelf
  • save your notes
  • test-read books
  • voice synthesizer software available using the built in function in Adobe Reader (available after downloading the book)
  • maximum 60 pages/session can be printed out
  • an unlimited number of users at any time (for almost all books)
  • available for downloading with loan period 14 days. Requires Adobe Digital Editions which is free to download but you must register and create an account. You also have to create an account in Ebrary to be able to download books.
  • create your own book shelf
  • underline text
  • save your notes
  • look up words
  • voice synthesizer software available. The voice synthesizer software requires you to use an "Ebrary reader" which is easy to open in Ebrary.
  • 10% of the book content can be printed out
  • unlimited number of users at any time
  • not available for downloading.
  • unlimited printing out
  • unlimited number of users at any time
  • not available for downloading.
  • one chapter or 5% or the book content can be printed out (the most generous is applicable)
  • 5 users at any time
  • not available for downloading.

Want to learn more about finding books and using e-resources?

Read about this and much more in the library's Search guide!