Our research

Books in the librarySödertörn University has professional, creative research environments that range over many disciplines and fields.

Our research has a contemporary focus united with an active and critical approach to the past. Many of the research groups and research projects strive to achieve a high level of contemporary and social relevance. The university's research generally has an international focus, even in subjects that traditionally examine their own national cultures and history. A key word is multidisciplinarity.

Call for applications

Södertörn University call for applications for doctoral studentships. The decisions on admissions will be made in mid May 2017.

The application period for some of our doctoral studentships is prolonged - marked with (*) in the list below. For new last application date, see the advertisement by using the link Lediga jobb (below).

For non marked studentships there ís no prolongation.

Click on the link to access the webpage for vacant positions.


  • (*) Doctoral studentships in Comparative Literature, Ref no 201/1.6.1/2017
  • (*) One doctoral studentship in Media and Communication Studies, Ref no 200/1.6.1/2017
  • (*) Doctoral studentships in Aesthetics, Ref no 199/1.6.1/2017
  • (*) Doctoral studentships in Philosophy, Ref no 198/1.6.1/2017
  • One doctoral studentship in Economics in the research project The Baltic States and the Internationalization of Swedish SMEs, Ref no 192/1.6.1/2017
  • One Doctoral studentship in the Study of Religion in the research project: The relocation of transcendence: silence and the sacred nature of the seculars, Ref no 147/1.6.1/2017
  • One doctoral studentship in the Study of Religions, Ref no 3772/1.6.1/2016
  • (*) One doctoral studentship in History, Ref no 3771/1.6.1/2016
  • One doctoral studentship in History of Ideas, Ref no 3773/1.6.1/2016
  • (*) One doctoral studentship in Ethnology, Ref no 3770/1.6.1/2016
  • Två doktorander i historia, Dnr 150/1.6.1/2017
  • One doctoral studentship in History of Ideas in the in the research project: East of Cosmopolis: The world citizen and the paradox of the sans-papiers, Ref no 261/1.6.1/2017                                                                     


For more information, please contact forskarutbildning@sh.se.