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Researcher.Here we have gathered information which teachers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on what help the library can offer.

Copyright and teaching materials

What should I as a teacher consider regarding copyright when I create my teaching materials? Videos, illustrations and images that you find on the internet often have a creator and the material cannot be used freely. You can search for and use 'free' materials or materials that are marked with a Creative Commons license.

When you create your teaching materials

Remember that when you create your teaching materials you are responsible for the content and for making sure you do not use copyright-protected materials. If you are unsure about something please ask us. It is good to know the regulations for teaching materials and copyright that are specific to members of staff at the university. Please refer to your institution if you have any questions.

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How can I use images and other material in the right way?

You can of course create your own images, illustrations and everything else you need and want to include in the SH-StudyWeb. Even simpler videos ("good enough " level) can contribute to a positive experience in in SH-StudyWeb for the student. This can be time consuming for some, especially if you are not used to produce videos or images.

If you have search and found an image, a soundtrack or something else on the internet that you want to use in your own production you can always make contact with the owner of the copyright (often the person who created the material) and ask for permission to use it. This can sometimes be difficult.

A good alternative is to search for and use the many 'free resources' that are available. You can find "free" audio, images, illustrations, videos, etc.


Creative Commons (CC)

Creative Commons logoCreative Commons is one of the most common forms of licensing. Maybe you recognize the logotype? You can search for CC-licensed material that you may use. Read more on the "Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons" -page in the menu on the right.



  • "Everything teachers should know about Creative Commons". Mathias Klang explains Creative Commons in this film from KTH Learning Lab.
  • "How can I use digital material in my lessons?". A "webbinarie" arranged by OER Sweden with participants from different universities and colleges and with Chatarina Larson, University legal expert at Umeå University and member of the SUHF's (the Association of Swedish Higher Education) negotiating group, as keynote speaker.
  • Gothenburg University Library webpage about "Copyright".
  • Themes page on "Critical Thinking" on SNH's website (Collaboration for Network-Based Higher Education) This page contains open digital learning resources in the form of recorded lectures, e-books, web pages, interactive mindmaps, TV and radio programs, and more. 

(Please note! The videos abd webpages are Swedish language only)