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Students with computers in the library.Here you can find information which is particularly useful for students who want general support with their academic studies. On the library website there is more information about other services and support offered by the library.

Dare to speak: oral reports and presentations

Do you think seminar discussions and giving oral presentations are difficult? At the Study Support Unit teachers of rhetoric can give you advice, and help you prepare before oral assignments. In addition to that, we can provide guidance and support for reducing anxiety towards public speaking.

In Autumn Term 2018, the following courses and lectures are offered in the “Dare to speak” lecture series:

PLEASE NOTE: All courses and lectures are in Swedish language only!

The Studietipset lecture: “Dare to speak” (“Tala inför grupp”)

This lecture will not be given in Autumn Term 2018.

No advanced registration necessary.

Train your speech! (“Träna talet!”)

PLEASE NOTE: This course will not be given in Autumn Term 2018.
There will be three opportunites this term when you can learn our methods for working with students who have anxiety toward public speaking. You can also try some of the exercises. Half of the time will be spent giving information, and the remaining half will be set aside for practical speech exercises relating to the types of oral assignments you can expect at university level, for example, subject presentations/reports and debating.

No advanced registration necessary. You can attend one or all three of the times available.

Dare to speak – Practical exercises, 7.5 university credits

The course is run by the Rhetoric department. Apply at

Seminar discussions and oral reports are an important part of academic study. On this course students can improve their public speaking skills as part of, and infront of, a group. Students who suffer performance anxiety or stage fright can meet with a student welfare officer, if they would like to.

During the course you will learn, and learn to use, basic rhetoric skills – which are useful, both for your studies and in professional life. The course is held in the late afternoon and as a evening course.

7.5 university credits. Part-time, late afternoon and evening course.

Apply for this course at

PLEASE NOTE: All courses and lectures are in Swedish language only!

Student health
You can also contact the Student Health Department for advice and help relating to anxiety towards public speaking.

Student Welfare Officer
Ann-Louise Ebérus
Telephone: 08-608 43 84

Guidance and advice

You can book a time to meet a teacher for advice, individually or in a group. An tutorial session is 30 minutes long. Click on the Opening hours and tutorial times link in the righthand menu for more information.