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Interior from Södertörn UniversityThe School of Culture and Education includes the following subjects: English, Aesthetics, Aesthetic Learning Processes, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, Media and Communication Studies, Education, Rhetoric and Swedish, as well as Teacher Education and the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge.

Teachers and researchers at the school largely work across subject boundaries, and Teacher Education involves teachers from a number of subjects at the school and from other academic schools at the university.

Doctoral Courses 2016

Transnational Feminism, 7.5 credits

19 January - 23 March 2016, Södertörn University

Teacher: Professor Teresa Kulawik, School of Culture and Education

The aim of the course is to give an advanced introduction to transnational feminism. The course deploys a Post-Three-World cartography and problematizes the hegemonic narrative that posits the transnational paradigm along the binary axis of “Western” and “Third World” feminism. It explores how transnational perspectives encompass concepts and debates in feminist theorizing and activism, which developed in a wide range of historical, cultural, social and geopolitical contexts.

For more details see this pdf-file:  151214_Transnational feminism_schedule_readinglist.pdf

Contact: Teresa Kulawik, teresa.kulawik@sh.se 

Thinking the Name: Language, Culture, and Philosophy, 7.5 credits

31 March - 4 June 2016, Södertörn University

Teacher: Professor Irina Sandomirskaja, CBEES and School of Culture and Education

This course will be dedicated to the theoretical and methodological problems of language and language critique. These constitute the very foundation of any critical approach in the social sciences and the humanities, an area of knowledge and intellectual debate that nowadays is determined by various modes of language-related and linguistic thinking (semiotic, rhetoric, discursive, performative, and other “turns” that have been, and still remain, relevant at least since the 1980s).

See more details in the pdf-file below.

Schedule and literature:  160205_Thinking_the_name_schedule_literature.pdf

CBEES/BEEGS: Link to BEEGS website: www.sh.se/beegs, see Doctoral courses".

Contact: Irina Sandomirskaja,  irina.sandomirskaja@sh.se

Trans Studies and Intersectional Activism - Analyzing and Deconstructing the Gender Binary, 7.5 + 7.5 credits

25-27 May 2016

Application Deadline: 20 March 2016
Course Location: Södertörn University, Sweden.

Link to more information.

Contact: Ulla Manns, ulla.manns@sh.se


Summer school: Cultural Memory of Europe: East and West, 7.5 credits

15-23 June, 2016 

CBSS Summer University at CBEES/BEEGS and School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University.

Link to more information. 

Contact: Tora Lane, tora.lane@sh.se