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Studenter vid datorer i biblioteket.Här har vi samlat information som du som student kan ha särskild nytta av. På bibliotekets startsida hittar du fler tjänster och mer information om vår service.

English Language Support

Whether you are studying in English or Swedish, you can make an appointment for help with written work, speaking or making presentations in English or with general study help.

Opening hours in the library (Studieverkstan, 5th floor)

Tuesdays 13.00–14.00
Thursdays 13.00–14.00

Writing essays or thesis?

Students who are writing essays or thesis at Södertörn University may make an appointment for help with their texts. This applies to all subjects and texts, from thesis at ‘A’ to the Masters level.

The teachers do not offer guidance regarding the subject specific contents of your text but in:

  • How to plan and organise your essay.
  • Suggestions as to what the different parts of the essay should contain.
  • How to structure and arrange the contents logically and clearly.
  • Which tone and style is best suited for the text.

Please note!
Teachers at the English Language Support shall not read, nor will they correct, the entire text for you.

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment for the English Language Support in our self-booking system. Click here.

You can also call us Mon–Fri at 09.30–10.00. Phonenumber: 08-608 50 30.

Send your text in advance by attaching it to your booking in the booking system. For a good and effective guidance send the essay or the relevant pages at least two days before the meeting with the teacher. You cannot expect the teacher to have read the text if it is sent in later.