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Students.Our aim is to provide students at Södertörn University with the best possible service and support, so this area of the website gathers practical information that we hope and believe you will find useful.

Do you want to know how to apply to higher education or when the semester starts? Do you need to contact the Student Health Service, or perhaps you are planning to become involved with a student organisation? Do you want to apply for a degree certificate but are unsure how to go about it? Many questions can arise during your studies; if you can't find the answer you need here, please contact one of our study guidance advisors or Student Support Services. They will be happy to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we answer Frequently Asked Questions from our exchange students. Check and see whether your question has already been answered. You are welcome to send us an email if it has not.


Why do I need to send an academic transcript and does it need to be in English?

As most courses have certain prerequisites that a student needs to fulfil in order to be accepted, we need to see which courses you have previously taken at your home university. If possible you should also include a list of the courses you are taking during the present year/semester, even if you have not yet completed them.

The transcript should be in English.

Is the course, Swedish for Exchange Students I, during Periods 1-2 the same as the course during Periods 5-6?

Yes, the same course is held in both the autumn and the spring semesters. You may only participate in the course once.

Is it possible to have more than one course per period e.g. Social Economy and Social Enterprise and International Management in Period 6?

We do not recommend that students take more than one course in the same period, especially if both courses are at supplementary or advanced level. This is due to the heavy workload. Students are expected to dedicate approximately 40 hours/week to each course, including compulsory seminars as well as individual study and group assignments.

Can I take courses in both Political Science and Business?

Business students can generally only take Political Science courses given on introductory level. Most Political Science students cannot take Business courses but in some cases they can take courses in Economics given on intermediate level.

Usually Business students cannot be accepted on Political Science supplemenatary courses and vice versa, because they lack the necessary depth in the subsidiary subject.

In order to take courses in Political Science or Business at a supplementary level you need to have studied Political Science or Business full-time for at least one year or have been awarded 60 ECTS credits. It is not enough to have just taken one or two previous courses.

I would like to ask you if you offer Law at your university because I haven't been able to find any such courses?

At the moment there are no Law courses on offer in English.

I study Swedish at my home university. May I participate in courses held in Swedish at Södertörn University?

It might be possible but it is up to the responsible teacher of each course to evaluate your Swedish language skills. If you are interested in taking a course held in Swedish please contact the international office at

My home university needs course descriptions/syllabuses in order to approve my studies before I leave for Sweden. Where can I find them?

To find a course description and syllabus of a course, click on the course title on the website, you will find the syllabus by scrolling down the page

It appears that the Christmas holidays begin the 24th of December and end the 1st of January. I was hoping to return home for Christmas. My study abroad advisor mentioned that with some European schools, the week after Christmas break is meant to be a week of study.

Some courses do have lectures in January starting in the first or second week of January, while some courses have a final paper in January and you can hand it in by e-mail. It is only the courses that are in the 4th period that will have classes and exams in January (except some courses that have re-exams scheduled in mid-January).

Student life

Is the canteen on Flemingsberg Campus open for lunch and dinner?

The restaurants/cafeterias open at 8 a.m. and close at 7 p.m on weekdays. Hot lunches are served on weekdays and in the afternoons and evenings you can buy sandwiches and light meals.

Are there any shops or banks on campus?

There is a bookshop but no ATM on campus. The closest ATM in located in the Commuter train station. There is a pizzeria, a café, and other smaller shops two-minutes from campus.

Could you tell me the opening hours of the ICT-suites with Internet access?

You have access to the ICT-suites from 06.00 to 24.00.

How can I find a job in Sweden for the time I will be studying there?

Södertörn University is not able to offer work to exchange students so you will have to look for a job on your own if you want to work whilst you are in Sweden. Students who have been at Södertörn University have worked at various places in the past and in some cases new students have been able to take over jobs from old exchange students. We recommend you contact former exchange students from your home university and ask them if they have any advice. You can find more information here.

Can I apply for a scholarship for my studies in Sweden?

The Swedish Institute offers some scholarships to postgraduate studies. If you have questions regarding these scholarships, contact the Swedish Institute at
Södertörns university does not offer any scholarships to exchange students.

Does the Swedish Ministry of Education offer any kind of financial help to international students?

The Swedish Ministry of Education does not offer any financial help to international students.

Do I have to apply for a student visa before I arrive?

Students that are citizens in a country outside the EU must obtain a student visa before arriving in Sweden. Students from the EU have three moths after arrival to apply for a residents permit. Application forms can be found on the internet:

I will bring my car with me. Is there parking areas available for students?

There are parking areas where you can park your car. You can get a parking permit for the parking area for 250 SEK a month. You will be able to get the parking permit as soon as you come to the Södertörn and register.

Is it possible to have access to wireless internet connection on Campus?

Yes, there is wireless internet connection on campus.

In the application form there is a question asking if I would like to have a mentor. What is a mentor?

A mentor is a Swedish student that will guide you during your time here at Södertörn University. Students applying to become a mentor often do this because they are interested in meeting people from other countries and to practice languages. The mentors do not get paid. They are friendly and helpful and are there to answer any questions. A mentor is a good way to get to know the Swedish people and Swedish habits.

I would like to know if I can rent a computer at Södertorn University.

There are no computers to rent but here are plenty of computers in the computer rooms. You can also borrow a lap top from the Library for a day.