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Students with computers in the library.Here you can find information which is particularly useful for students who want general support with their academic studies. On the library website there is more information about other services and support offered by the library.

Find journals and articles

Journals are available in two different formats, printed and electronic. On this page you can read more about methods for finding scholarly journals and articles.

Scholarly journalsSearch for articles on a particular subject

Begin your search in the library's search tool SöderScholar. If you are only interested in articles, narrow your search in the panel on the right hand side of the SöderScholar page. To view scholarly articles, select "Articles from peer-reviewed publications"Remember that a peer reviewed journal can contain articles which are not scholarly. Off campus, log in with your SH-credentials or RKH-credentials to access all materials in SöderScholar

Another search tool is Google Scholar, where you will find scholarly articles, student essays and more. It is important to remember that not all material in Google Scholar is scholarly, so be critical of your sources. Log in with your SH-credentials or RKH-credentials via Other resources A-Z to access texts with the link Fulltext@SH.

In some cases you may need to complement or deepen a search by using some of the library's many subject-specific search tools. These are listed under Other resources A-Z. Search tools marked with a key symbol require log in with your SH-credentials or RKH-credentials when you are off campus.

All search tools do not contain full text links. If the text is not available in the search tool you are using, click on the SFX-button near the article. By doing that, it is easy to see if the library has access to the journal by another resource. You can also search for the journal's title in SöderScholar.

Search for a journal title

If you have a reference, try searching for the title of the article or the journal in SöderScholar. If the library has the journal or the article, you get a full text link (for electronic journals). You can also use the library's Journals A–Z list to see if the library has a particular journal. The example below shows how a reference should appear, according to the Harvard system:

Daniel Z. Meyer; Leanne M. Avery. (2010). A third use of sociology of scientific knowledge: a lens for studying  teacher practice. Studies in Science Education. 46(2), p. 153-178.

The text in italic style is the title of the journal. The article is published 2010, in volume 46, issue 2. You can also see that the article is 25 pages.

If you cannot find a journal

If the journal you are searching for is not in SöderScholar or the Journals A–Z list, you can carry out a search in Libris. Both printed and electronic journals available from libraries in Sweden can be searched for. When you find the journal at another library, either contact the library directly or order the article as an interlibrary loan.

How do you access our electronic resources?

  • SöderScholar is the big search box on the library website. To access all materials off campus, log in with your SH-credentials or RKH-credentials.
  • Our other search tools can be found via Other resources A-Z. Off campus, log in to access all search tools marked with a key symbol. All of them are not available to both Södertörn University and The Swedish Red Cross University College.