Three students sitting together at a table in the library and studying with computer and books.


Library talk

Approximately 3,000 people visit the library everyday. We are open for everyone, but primarily, we are here for students and staff at the university. Here are a number of stories about the library. 

Gustav Amberg stands at the large glass window in the library and looking out.

Vice-Chancellor Gustav Amberg

- …the building is fantastic from the outside. A breathtaking symbol and landmark.

Oskar Wiik, Södertörn University Students' union chair, SöderS, 2016- 2017.

Students' Union Chair Oskar Wiik

- I would strongly recommend The Study Support Unit- to both new as well as established students.


Student Anna. 

Anna Gregor, student

- Because of my dyslexia, the library’s support means a lot to me.

Student Aurora.

Aurora Brännström, student

- One bonus, of course, would be for the library to be a calm and pleasant place where noise levels and choice of furniture are concerned.

Student Joakim. 

Joakim Nilsson, student

- Many students who attend other colleges and universities come and study in Södertörn University library because it is such a good study environment.

Student Juan Carlos  

Juan Carlos Benítez, student

(…) the Silent Reading Room is a favourite of mine.



 Student Oskar

Oskar Sundberg, student

- The staff is very helpful (...)

Student Annie.

Annie Wernersson, student

-  I love that the study environments are so different (…)