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Researcher.Here we have gathered information which teachers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on what help the library can offer.

Loan conditions for staff

There are generous loan conditions for members of staff at Södertörn University and The Swedish Red Cross University College. Among other things, the library offers extended loan periods and interlibrary loans free of charge.

Loan periods

For course literature, day loans, reference books and e-books, the same loan periods apply for all library card holders. For 3 week loans, (books marked by a green label), the loan period is six months for members of staff at Södertörn University (SH) and The Swedish Red Cross University College (RKH). These books, however, must be returned after three weeks if they are requested by another library user. In this case, you will receive an email from the library with the new due date.

Please note that you can renew 3 week loan books up to six times, which means you can borrow them for a maximum of more than three years. Following six renewals you’ll have to bring the books to the library before borrowing them again.

Overdue fines and invoices

As a member of staff at SH or RKH you do not need to pay fines for overdue material. However, invoices will be sent for material that have not been returned or renewed following a final demand. This applies both to the library's own material and interlibrary loans. For lost material a flat rate of 400 SEK is charged per book, plus a handling fee of 200 SEK per invoice. You may also buy a new copy to replace the book, of the same or later edition. Please note that the handling fee must be paid regardless, even if the book is returned. For more information, contact

The library does not undertake the sending out of reminders and demands for late material but offers it as an email service. Invoices will be sent to the postal address that is registered with the library. You are personally responsible for informing the library of any changes to your contact information.

Interlibrary loans

Members of staff can order books and copies of articles from libraries anywhere in the world free of charge. The only restriction is that the material is intended for research, education or similar. Ordered books can be picked up at the library's information desk, whereas ordered articles will be printed and sent to your office, via the internal postal system, in case you work at SH and via regular mail if you work at RKH. If you lack a certain material and do not wish to make an interlibrary loan, you can suggest a purchase of books or other material here.

More information about loan conditions

More information can be found on page Loans and services. On that page you may for example read more about Loan regulations and overdue fines