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Loan regulations and overdue fines

When you get a library card at Södertörn University Library, you agree to abide by our loan regulations and conditions of use. Among other things, we have fines for overdue material. We will also send invoices for material not returned or renewed after our final demand.

Overdue fines

The library has overdue fines for material not returned or renewed on time in accordance with rates shown below. The fines are primarily meant to create an incentive to return the material before the due date, allowing access to other borrowers.

As a library card holder, you are responsible for paying attention to loan periods as well as returning or renewing loans of material on time. This is the case irrespective of travel or sickness. You are personally responsible for all of your loans until they have been returned to the library and a receipt has been issued.

The library does not guarantee the sending out of reminders and demands for late materials but offers it as a service via email. For students and staff at Södertörn University the email address provided to you by the university will be used, unless you inform the library otherwise. You are personally responsible for informing the library of any changes to your contact information. Please note that email might end up in your junk mail folder so make sure to check regularly.

If you have unpaid fines reaching the amount of 100 SEK you will be blocked from making further loans, reservations and renewals. This block is lifted when the fines have been paid in full.


You can pay your overdue fines online or with a bank card in the library. Invoices must, however, be paid through your bank. 

Read our Complete loan regulations and conditions of use.

Current rates for overdue material in the library

Day loan - books
Day loans and reference books

First hour: 40 sek. Thereafter, the fine is 20 sek per hour

Day loan - other material
Laptop computers, photocopying cards

20 sek per hour

One week loan
Course literature, movies

10 sek per day

Two weeks loan
Laptop computers with support programs for students using talking books

50 sek per day


Invoices are sent out for material that have not been returned or renewed following a final demand from the library. Invoices are also sent out for lost or damaged materials. An invoice will be sent to the postal address that is registered with the library. You are personally responsible for informing the library of any changes to your contact information.

For lost material a standard fee of 400 SEK is charged per book, plus a handling fee of 200 SEK per invoice. You may also buy a new copy to replace the book, of the same or later edition. Please leave the book at the library Information desk with a member of staff, usually present Monday-Thursday 8.30-16.30 and Friday 8.30-15.00.

Note that the handling fee must be paid regardless, even if the book is returned, in order to cover the costs the library has had during the invoice process. For more information, contact

Library card holders with unpaid invoices are blocked from making further loans, requests and renewals. Payment of the invoice is to be made to the bank number or postal giro number listed on the invoice. The invoice block is lifted when the invoice is paid and registered with the library. Unpaid invoices may be sent to debt collections.

In addition to the invoice, any overdue fines will apply according to the information above. 

Read our Complete loan regulations and conditions of use.