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The European Union and the Baltic States

The main result of the research program is this book:

Bengt Jacobsson (ed), 2011, The European Union and the Baltic States. Changing forms of governance. London: Routledge.

This book explores how the Baltic States have adapted to, and been embedded in, a wider European environment and how they have become modern European states. It focuses on changes in the policies, politics and administrative practices that have taken place after 1991 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and on the influence of rules and ideas in the European Union.

The authors investigate the meeting between national traditions, rule-making and practices - on the one hand; and traditions, rule-making and practices connected to the European Union - on the other. Drawing on organization theory, and the image of states as complex and fragmented organizations, this book discusses: The forms of governance that are directed towards states, differentiating between regulative, inquisitive and meditative activities. The logic of appropriateness and the scriptedness of states.

To what extent do the states have to follow the rules, and to what extent are they able to do what they want themselves? Adaptation processes in the state organizations.This book examines how European integration prompts and accelerates new forms of governance in Europe; it will be of interest to students and scholars of politics, the European Union and the Baltic states.


Scripted States and Changes in Governance - Bengt Jacobsson

Europeanization and Organization Theory - Bengt Jacobsson

Rituals of Inquisition. European Commission Monitoring of Accession Processes - Matilda Dahl

Governance Through Meditation. EU Twinning in Lithuania - Jenny Svensson

Opening up for Change: Modernizing Public Administration in the Baltic States - Eva Granqvist and Emma Wallin

Europeanization of Labor Market Policy-Making in the Baltic States - Kerstin Jacobsson and Charlotte West

The Choice of Parliamentary EU Scrutiny Mechanisms in the New Member States - Ann-Cathrine Jungar

Scripted Parties: The Case of Estonian Social Democracy - Karl Magnus Johansson

Soft Powers (in a Community of the Willing) - Bengt Jacobsson and Anders Nordström



Project Manager

Bengt Jacobsson
School of Social Sciences

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Ann-Cathrine Jungar
Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
School of Social Sciences

Kerstin Jacobsson

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Project start: 2003
Project end: 2011

Financier: Östersjöstiftelsen

Research linked to the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe: Yes

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