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The traditional state within new networks

The overall aim of the project is to study changes to the Swedish state since 1940. The research is based on empirical studies of the changes that have taken place and what they actually resulted in, regarding the state’s organisation, control and ideology.

The aim is not to define how all the changes to the Swedish state have been implemented, not is it to "fill the gaps" in previous research. Our aim is to explore some themes that we feel have not yet been adequately studied.


  • Capital and the welfare state
  • The state and the organised interests
  • The government and the IT revolution
  • The people of the state
  • The state and political organisation

Funding and schedule

The research has has been granted funding from Östersjöstiftelsen (The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies) and will be completed in 2012.

Contact and further information

Anders Ivarsson Westerberg,


Karlstad : Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap, 2011. ( ; )

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Anders Ivarsson WesterbergTorbjörn Nilsson

Research linked to the Baltic region and Eastern Europe



Samtidshistoriska institutetSchool of Historical and Contemporary Studies


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Project Manager

Anders Ivarsson Westerberg
Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
School of Social Sciences

People linked to the project

Torbjörn Nilsson
School of Historical and Contemporary Studies

Ylva Waldemarson
Professor, Professor
School of Historical and Contemporary Studies

Göran Sundström

More information

Project start: 2007
Project end: 2012

Financier: Östersjöstiftelsen

Research linked to the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe: No

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