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Cultural Heritage: Making History for the Future

Cultural and commercial exchange is something inherent
in art history research as well as in the trade of art and antiquities. Any
nation’s cultural heritage exists only in comparison with the heritage of
another nation, so the identification and care of the specific national
qualities are of great importance. Thus cultural heritage has great political
ramifications. Historically as well as in present time artefacts cross nation
state borders through conflict, diplomacy or legal trade. For the future
development of a rich national cultural heritage, it is also important to
maintain exchange within and beyond national borders. At the same time, the
protection of national cultural heritage calls for restrictions on trade and
property legislation. The central question of the research is the present
consequences of cultural heritage policies that affect Swedish markets in
antiquities as well as art historical value.

The project will look at issues of creating cultural
value and cultural heritage from different themes such as Globalisation,
Canonization, and Administration of Knowledge. Case studies are
selected from the Stockholm Auktionverk archive of trade dating back to

The research is a joint project between Södertörn
University and Stockholm Auktionsverk and is funded by KK-stiftelsen, Stockholm
Auktionsverk and Södertörn Högskola and runs between 2011-2014. The project is
led by Charlotte Bydler and involves Katarina Wadstein MacLeod at Södertörn University
and Lena Ryden and Ulla-Karin Warberg at Stockholm Auktionsverk.



Project Manager

Charlotte Bydler
Senior Lecturer, PhD
School of Culture and Education

People linked to the project

Katarina Macleod
Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
School of Culture and Education

Ulla-Karin Warberg, Stockholms Auktionsverk

Lena Rydén, Stockholms Auktionsverk

More information

Project start: 2012
Project end: 2014

Financier: KK-stiftelsen

Research linked to the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe: No

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