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Nomadic Interaction Models

This is not a research project in the traditional sense, instead it is a three-year financial grant for qualification and collaboration, within the framework of Vinnova’s VinnMER; the contributing parties are Vinnova, Södertörn University and Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre. A central condition of the project is collaboration with a research institute, in this case Mobile Life.

An initial aim of the project was to link to the Mobile Life project 'Generalized interaction models', which later resulted in a number of other projects. The primary issues have come to relate to values-based design, where the aim has been to develop a research agenda that I call norm-critical design.



Project Manager

Maria Normark
Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
School of Natural Science, Technology and Environmental Studies

More information

Project start: 2010
Project end: 2013

Financier: Verket för innovationssystems (VINNOVA)

Research linked to the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe: No

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