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Leadership training and changes in school practices

This project is part of an evaluation by the Swedish National Agency for Education concerning their National School Leadership Training Programme. Our aim in the project is to understand how changes in school practices come about, and the (potential) role of training programs in such transformations. We follow seven schools (big and small, public and private etc.) during a five year-period, mainly through repeated interviews.
Theoretically, the ambition is to develop theories about institutional change, organizational reforms, translation of ideas, imitation, routines and the potential for organizational learning.



Project Manager

Bengt Jacobsson
School of Social Sciences

People linked to the project

Jenny Svensson
Associate Senior Lecturer, PhD
School of Social Sciences

More information

Project start: 2012
Project end: 2016

Financier: Skolverket

Research linked to the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe: No

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