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Students with computers in the library.Here you can find information which is particularly useful for students who want general support with their academic studies. On the library website there is more information about other services and support offered by the library.

Reading and writing assistance

Are you stressed or worried about all the literature you need to read? Do you have difficulty remembering what you have read? Is it hard for you to complete an examination in the time given? Perhaps you have some form of learning difficulty. You could be entitled to reading training and extra support. Come and speak to a member of staff at the Study Support Unit.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is in Swedish language only!

Course: Academic Reading and Writing Training (in Swedish language only)

This course is for students who need to improve their reading and writing skills in Swedish. The course covers vocabulary, grammar and structure.

Spring term 2019

This course is split into four parts:

[The course not scheduled yet]

To register for this course, please e-mail Register at least one week before the start of the course.