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Books.Here we have gathered together information which researchers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on the help on offer in the library.

Reference management

There are several programs to help you write and organize references for the different phases of writing a paper: collecting information, writing and publishing. The library provides introductions and support for EndNote and RefWorks.

In both programs you are essentially creating a reference database. As well as being searchable, you can add your own keywords and comments to your references in the database. Your references will then be much easier to use and organize.

Introduction to EndNote or RefWorks
Contact: Maria Hermansson
Tel: 08-608 4604

Later, when writing your paper you can transfer the references into the text from your reference database. If text is moved, within the document, the footnotes follow and the bibliography updates itself automatically. References and footnotes can also be adapted more easily to conform the requirements of publishers or journals.


EndNote must be installed on your computer. Installation can be arranged through your institution.

Learn more and get help from EndNote tutorials.

EndNote Web

EndNote Web is a web-based tool which students and staff at the university can use. You can find it in ISI Web of Knowledge or via When creating an EndNote web-account you must be on the university campus, but following that you can access it at home.

Learn more with EndNote Web training. The introduction is ten minutes long. There is also a FAQ page.


RefWorks is a web-based tool which students and staff at the university can use. The program can be accessed from outside of the university through the library web site. Log-in to RefWorks.

Learn more with RefWorks tutorials.