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Students.Our aim is to provide students at Södertörn University with the best possible service and support, so this area of the website gathers practical information that we hope and believe you will find useful.

Do you want to know how to apply to higher education or when the semester starts? Do you need to contact the Student Health Service, or perhaps you are planning to become involved with a student organisation? Do you want to apply for a degree certificate but are unsure how to go about it? Many questions can arise during your studies; if you can't find the answer you need here, please contact one of our study guidance advisors or Student Support Services. They will be happy to help you.

Choose what you want to study at Södertörn University from our programmes and courses in our online prospectus.


Wind-catcher on the roof.All students studying a course or programme at a higher education institution must be registered on the course or programme.

In general, you must register at the start of each semester – or no later than the start of the course, if the course starts later in the semester.

On-campus registration or web registration?

Registration takes place at the roll-call, at a study information desk or via the internet. Web registration is possible for many courses, which means that you do not need to visit the university in person to register on the course. This is stated in the information letter about roll-call/registration and the course's roll-call page on the website.

You can register below for the course(s) to which you have been admitted and intend to study. If you do not receive any suggestions for course registration, this may be because it is not possible to register via the web on the course(s) you wish to study. The information letter you received about roll-call/registration will say what applies to you. Contact the relevant academic school if you have any questions or problems regarding registration. Contact details for study information desks at the academic schools can be found here.

If you have a login for Södertörn University's SH-StudyWeb...

If you are already a student at Södertörn University and have a login (SH-Account) for the SH-StudyWeb, you can register via Student-Ladok. You can find Student-Ladok in the box called My studies in the StudyWeb. Click here to login.

If you have questions about your login for the SH-StudyWeb for example if you have forgotten your password, you can contact MedieCenter. You must go to MedieCenter in person for information about your login and you must have ID with you. You can also nominate someone to collect your login details for you, but you must give that person your written permission to represent you.

If you do not have a login for Södertörn University's SH-StudyWeb...

If you do not have a login for Södertörn University's SH-StudyWeb, you can use the link to Student-Ladok below. After you have been accepted to study at Södertörn University, you will recieve an e-mail with instructions on how you can get hold of your login information (SH-Account).

First time you login to Student-Ladok to web register:

1. Click on the link to Student-Ladok. First time login in the page is in Swedish.

2. Click on Select higher education to login and search for Södertörn University. (In Swedish: Välj lärosäte för inloggning)

3. Click on Proceed to Login and enter your SH-Account.

4. Change the language to English in the right corner on the web page, it says In English.

5. Under UPCOMING you will find the courses you are accepted to.

6. If it is possible to web register there will be button Register. The registration button is only available during the registration period. If the registration period is not open there will be a date when the registration opens.

7. Click on the registration button by the course you want to register on, then click on Register me.

8. You are now register and can see your course under CURRENT.

A couple of days after registration, you can login to Södertörn University's SH-StudyWeb should go to the reception desk to collect your key card. Bring your ID with you. Students studying distance courses only need key cards if they are going to visit campus.