Third stream activities

Studenter i biblioteket vid Södertörns högskola.These pages provide information about the areas of the university's activities that are focused on third stream activities that involve companies, public authorities and organisations. Södertörn University's alumni are also an important part of this work.

The university's third stream activities are aimed at creating experience and knowledge exchanges between students and researchers and external companies, public authorities and organisations. The interaction between theory and practice creates more routes to new knowledge and innovation, which can be transformed into practical applications that benefit individuals and society in a variety of ways.

Read more below about what we can offer and the types of partnerships that we are looking for!

Research collaboration & partnerships

Is your organisation looking for research partnerships to promote development and renewal? 

As a partner of Södertörn University you will have access to current research that can create new ideas, provide new perspectives and be put to practical use. The university's research is conducted within the humanities and social sciences and is enriched by environmental science, education studies and media and information technology.

For the university, it is the interaction between academia and organisations, whether they are regional, national or international, that is important. This is why we are supplementing our basic research with needs-driven research in partnership with external players, or participating in development work that requires a scientific approach to problem solving.

Read more about our research and our profile areas here. If you have questions or require more information, please contact the Office for Third Stream Activities.