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Culture and Education

Interior from Södertörn UniversityThe School of Culture and Education includes the following subjects: English, Aesthetics, Aesthetic Learning Processes, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, Media and Communication Studies, Education, Rhetoric and Swedish, as well as Teacher Education and the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge.

Teachers and researchers at the school largely work across subject boundaries, and Teacher Education involves teachers from a number of subjects at the school and from other academic schools at the university.


The School of Culture and Education is a research-intensive school. Many projects are interdisciplinary and involve other academic schools at the university, and a number of which focus on the Baltic Sea region or Eastern Europe.

The Stones of MoaCritical and Cultural Theory is the most comprehensive research area at the school. The research environment is interdisciplinary and focuses on the critically motivated study of cultural artefacts and practices. It awards doctoral degrees in Aesthetics, Art History, Comparative Literature, Gender Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, and the Theory of Practical Knowledge. Works of art, literary and philosophical texts, media technologies, and social and political practices are the focus of research. The researchers are united by the conviction that critically informed humanities are vital to the self-understanding and scrutiny that is needed to address future issues in contemporary society.

Due to the research area’s close collaboration with the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University, themes related to this geographical area constitute an important profile area.

There are about 75 ongoing research projects at the school, funded by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies, the Swedish Research Council, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ), the Knowledge Foundation and other financiers. One of the multidisciplinary projects is a research programme called Time, Memory and Representation. This programme is based at the school but involves a total of six higher education institutions, fourteen subjects and twenty-seven researchers.

The school also hosts a number of seminar series, and many subjects work continually with book publishing, conferences, workshops and public lectures. 

The menu to the right has links to the Critical and Cultural Theory research area, research projects, and publications. You can also find a link to Södertörn University’s research portal. The school also offers doctoral courses and study programmes in most of its subjects - see more details on the link Doctoral studies.

Research in subjects offered at the school

Please click on the below links to find out more about research conducted in the subjects offered by the school: Aesthetics, Art History, Comparative LiteratureEducationEnglish, Gender Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Swedish, and the Theory of Practical Knowledge