For researchers

Books.Here we have gathered together information which researchers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on the help on offer in the library.

Scholarly publishing

Support for scholarly publishing has become increasingly important for Södertörn University library in collaboration with the University. Examples of ongoing work in this area are university publishing, the scientific journal Baltic Worlds and DiVA (the Academic Archive On-line).

Scholarly publishing comes in many forms and specific demands from funders and universities about how to publish are common. Funders reward international publishing, aiming to reach researchers globally and as a result confirming the Swedish position within the global research network. With the Internet comes a greater interest for public and free access to the research results, more commonly known as Open Access.

Södertörn University has a policy regarding electronic publishing (pdf) (Swedish language only)

Research evaluation

Research evaluation is another fast-growing field, the evaluation process may use publishing statistics and bibliometrical analyses. Results are used for funding applications and staff appointments. Universities and institutions could also evaluated both at a national and international level.

The library offers guidance for doctoral students and researchers who wants to publish their work.