Third stream activities

Studenter i biblioteket vid Södertörns högskola.These pages provide information about the areas of the university's activities that are focused on third stream activities that involve companies, public authorities and organisations. Södertörn University's alumni are also an important part of this work.

The university's third stream activities are aimed at creating experience and knowledge exchanges between students and researchers and external companies, public authorities and organisations. The interaction between theory and practice creates more routes to new knowledge and innovation, which can be transformed into practical applications that benefit individuals and society in a variety of ways.

Read more below about what we can offer and the types of partnerships that we are looking for!

Regional school development

Södertörn University aims to create professional meeting places in which educators who are active in schools and pre-schools can work with the university's researchers, teachers and students.

Regional development centre

The regional development centre (RUC) is a cooperative body that is tasked with contributing to educational development through collaboration with schools, municipalities, public authorities and organisations and offering opportunities for professional development.

We want partnerships that promote educational development

We want to find alternative forms and options for improving and developing education and research, in partnership with those working in schools and pre-schools. We have an established working relationships with representatives from pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, adult education and teacher education. We collaborate through:

  • lectures and seminars
  • courses
  • contract education
  • research circles
  • professional development commissioned by the Swedish National Agency for Education

FörskolebarnUtilise the preschool syllabus in your activities

We have been commissioned by the National Agency for Education to offer professional development for pre-school teachers in the implementation of the new steering documents. The aim is that the participants will gain a deeper understanding of the pre-school syllabus and be able to put it into practice.

Would you like to work in partnership with Södertörn University? Do you wish to start a research circle in your municipality? Or do you require contract education? Please contact us!


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